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Opencart Theme Development Tutorials(English) – Introducting Opencart

Opencart Theme Development Tutorials

In this Tutorial, we describe Opencart Theme Development. We are offering you  free Opencart tutorials from zero to hero. You will learn about the opencart theme development from default opencart theme to your desired theme template.

In Introduction video of opencart tutorials, you will learn about the Opencart directory structure and Opencart basic workflow i.e Model View Controller framework structure. In opencart theme development, we are mostly concerned with the admin and catalog directory.

In catalog directory, there is a Controller, Model, Language and View Directories. To Change the view of the theme, we have to change the files in the view folder.

In admin directory, there is a Controller, Model, Language and View Directories. To Add some functionality at the back end of your  theme, you have to make changes in admin folder sub directories.


In opencart theme development tutorials, you have seen that every section of the website is an individual php file in view directory of opencart. You can see the default theme and thedevelopment of opencart theme which we have configure. So you are going to be an opencart theme development expert in soon. I need your appreciation and comments whcih makes you to learn the Opencart Theme Development.


You can see the Video Tutorial at here:


For queries please contact us at or whatsapp : +923316105976. Thank you for watch the opencart theme development tutorials. Author Preweb solutions, Saad Tanvir.

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